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Dr. Guido Zimmermann
Mainsite Technologies is your competent partner for the complete special plant engineering and construction as well as for maintenance and service of your industrial plant.

Tel: +49 (0) 60 22 / 81 3366

development & conception
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production & manufacturing
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assembly & commissioning
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maintenance & technical service
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  • Industrie Verfahrenstechnik und Industrie Anlagen
Process engineering & plants
  • Wasser - Aufbereitung und Management
treatment & management
  • Energie - Erzeugung und Innovationen
production & innovation
  • Fasertechnologie - Spinnanalagen und Membrananlagen
spinning systems & membrane

Equipment and plants for solvent recovery and cleaning of exhaust air used by the process industry

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The solution to germs and microbes in the water meter: the fully automatic rinsing unit.

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In its anniversary issue, the trade magazine F&S-Filtrieren und Separieren (Filtration & Separation) published a detailed article on the technique and its technologies presented during the meeting.

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From 26 to 27 April 2017 we presented our own booth for the first time at the 4th South- and East-Bavarian Water Congress in Landshut.

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Mainsite Technologies is a medium-sized company in a tradition-steeped place in the heart of Europe. The parent company, Mainsite, is to be found in the industrial center of Obernburg am Main located in the Bavarian part of the international Rhein-Main economic area. We are a team of more than 170 engineers, technicians, master craftsmen and skilled technical professionals. The Mainsite Technologies Company is managed by Dr. Lothar Ophey since July 2014.

The high rating of this industrial location is evidence of a decades-long tradition:

The site was founded in 1924 as a production facility for textile viscose named the United Glanzstoff-Fabriken AG. 1938 started the production of technical viscose, which was mainly used as a reinforcing material in the carcass of tires. In the 50s of the last century we expanded the fiber production with synthetic fibers such as polyester and polyamide. Since the 70s and 80s of the 20th century, the site flourished due to capacity expansion and so it grew to the main European manufacturing plant of high-quality yarns for technical applications.

Over many decades the Bavarian Untermain site became the largest employer in the region. In the mid-70 the employment figures reached its peak by nearly 7000. Hereby is the ICO of central importance for the structural and economical development of the entire area until today.

During the history of 90 years the parent company had some name change: Glanzstoff, Akzo Nobel, Acordis – the site also, until the neutral name was chosen in 2003 "Industrial Center Obernburg" . The last change background was the splitting of the former divisions of Acordis Group and its separate sale.

The counterparties located in the former ICO Group establishments were transformed into legally independent companies. The site operator of the ICO is the "Main Site GmbH & Co.KG", which offers all the infrastructure services requiring for a technological production facility. 2010, the technical services of Mainsite GmbH & Co.KG were hived off in the independently operating subsidiary Mainsite Technologies GmbH.

Industrie Center Obernburg